IBEX: Successful completion of the first phase of the tests for the market integration of the Day Ahead segment with Romania

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The first phase of the tests with the trade participants for the market unification of the Day Ahead segment with Romania has been successfully completed, the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange (IBEX) announced. The planned depopulation is planned for October 27, and until then further tests will be conducted, the energy exchange said, noting that the poses of the merger will be in the direction of increasing competition and reducing market concentration.

This priority project for our country, thanks to the great physical connectivity of this border, will significantly increase the competition of the segment and will reduce the market concentration. At the same time, unification with Romania will greatly increase price predictability and thus help smooth out hourly price peaks. In addition, the project will complete the process of Bulgaria's full accession to the single European electricity market, which is why it is in the focus of the EC monitoring on the implementation of the European target model in the field of market integration, the statement said.

This week and next, the next two phases of the tests are forthcoming, namely a simulation of the merger, both with the project parties and with all other Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMO) from the EU countries together with all transmission operators (TSOs). .

The management of the IBEX is making all necessary efforts for the successful completion of the tests and the start of the unification according to the project plans on October 27, the stock exchange clarifies.

Background of the project

According to Regulation 1222/2015 (CACM), all Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NOPE) must work for the completion and proper functioning of the single market interconnection, and they are also bound by a contract together with all transmission operators (TSOs), which regulates the goals and tasks of all actors in the implementation of the European target model.

In this regard, in October 2019, at the initiative of the management of the IBEX and ESO, a meeting was held with the EC (DG Energy), at which the participating countries in the project for market union "Day Ahead" on the border Bulgaria-Romania undertook to start it in as soon as possible.

In accordance with the commitments of the parties, the management of the IBEX together with its partners from Nord Pool Group SA taking into account all restrictions imposed by the summer period, the necessary technical and human resources to prepare and test the additional border, including all others. market and transmission operators on the single European market and giving full priority to this project, determined the beginning of the tests at the Bulgarian-Romanian border for September 20, as well as the commissioning of real


The EU Day-ahead Market Integration (SDAC) allocates limited cross-border transmission capacity in the most efficient way, bringing together wholesale electricity markets from different regions through a common algorithm that takes into account cross-border transmission constraints while maximizing benefits for all market participants.

The aim of the SDAC is to create a Europe-wide day-to-day trans-zonal electricity market. An integrated day-ahead market increases the overall efficiency of trade by fostering competition, increasing liquidity and ensuring more efficient use of production resources across Europe.



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