Experts: The question is not whether there will be a new rise in electricity prices, but when

Bulgaria has no useful move, our deep connection with Europe draws us to the swamp in which it is, says Vasko Nachev

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Bulgaria will not be saved from paying record high electricity prices. And the question is not whether there will be a new rise, but when. This is expected to happen in the winter, which will mean a very severe cold season. Such an opinion was expressed on the air of Bulgaria On Air by energy experts Vasko Nachev and Yavor Kuyumdzhiev.

"Even the uneducated, who are far from the energy sector, see what is happening and what lies ahead. We have no useful move at all as a country, as there is almost no difference between us and Europe compared to other times. Before, we pushed ourselves to sink into the swamp, this time Europe is in the swamp, "Nachev said.

Yavor Kuyumdzhiev also agreed that Bulgaria is at a dead end. According to him, however, the problem is that years ago we had a way out, but we did not take advantage of it. "If we were reasonable as a nation and had built the Belene NPP, we would now have a unique tool to keep the price lower," he said, adding that the effect of the Second Nuclear Power Plant would even be twofold." Because of the record high electricity prices on the stock exchanges at the moment. We could make huge money. At the moment, Kozloduy NPP is the most profitable company," Kuyumdzhiev stressed.

Both experts agree that the price is rising because of the so-called "green certificates". These are issued to producers for each monthly amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources (RES). Nachev described them as "racketeering in the form of emissions". "If the EU does not want the tower of illusions to collapse completely, they must temporarily derogate from racketeering," he said.

According to Nachev, "green certificates" are used as a screen and behind them are huge financial institutions. "Green energy sounds very tempting and it is used as a screen, but finances are played out in the back. This greed is ahead of business and the end user and that is why we are in this situation. That is why Europe is silent and does not want to touch the only tools, which has - carbon emissions ", pointed out the energy expert.

However, Kuyumdzhiev is of the opinion that the direction of the "Green Deal" is irreversible. "It's like a 500,000-strong tanker moving forward. It will take him a long time to turn left," he said. "If he does not turn, he will be swept away in the next elections," Nachev replied.



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