The Ministry of Environment and Water is stopping construction on the Strandzha coast

The activities were in violation of two laws, notes minister Asen Lichev

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The new constructions in Sinemorets, Varvara and other parts of Tsarevo Municipality stop. This is an important victory for the protection of the Black Sea coast from the concrete, which was achieved by citizens on the initiative of "Green Laws", the NGO notes. Two weeks ago, they called on citizens to write to the Minister of Environment Asen Lichev and ask him to cancel an illegal letter from his predecessor Iskra Mihaylova from 2014, which allows new construction in the Municipality of Tsarevo, although no general development plan has been adopted. .

Minister Lichev listened to the voice of the citizens and on August 18 sent a letter to the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Burgas, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the mayor of Tsarevo Municipality that he canceled the letter in question. And yesterday the Ministry of Ecology wrote to all citizens who sent emails to inform them that they had taken this step in response to their insistence. Minister Lichev motivated this action with received requests and signals that the practice of proceeding with detailed development plans without a valid general development plan is a violation of the Law on Environmental Protection and the Law on Biological Diversity.

"This puts an end to the use of detailed development plans approved by the municipality of Tsarevo in violation of the two cited laws and regulations 2/1995 and 7/2003 at the beginning of the century and will force the municipality to complete the procedure for adopting a new general development plan. letter acknowledges that the construction carried out in the period 2014-2021 was allowed in violation of European directives, "said Toma Belev, an expert in" Green Laws ".

Green Laws thanks all active citizens who help stop the lawlessness that is ruining the Black Sea coast and congratulate them on this important victory!



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