The Bulgarian Petrol and Gas Association: Gasoline and diesel prices will start falling

At the moment, they have reached peak levels since the beginning of the pandemic, explains Zhivodar Terziev

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By the end of the year, the increase in the prices of motor fuels is expected to stop and even if they reach lower levels than recently observed. At the moment they are in a kind of peak and are at the highest levels since the beginning of the pandemic. However, this will start to change within the next few weeks. This was explained in an interview with BNR by the chairman of the Bulgarian Petrol and Gas Association (BPGA) Zhivodar Terziev.

He noted that the high prices of gasoline and diesel are currently due to those in international markets, including oil. With him, things have been relatively stable lately and the barrel is trading in the range of 68 to 78 dollars. According to Terziev, these are the maximum prices that can be expected for the next few weeks, so there will hardly be a new rise in gasoline and diesel prices. In addition, there are factors that will lead to cheaper oil, and then auto fuels. Such are the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the well-known problems in US consumption.

It became clear from Terziev's words that the political situation in Bulgaria may have some indirect influence on the prices of motor fuels. According to him, the possible formation of a regular government would affect only the economic activity in our country and the measures that will be taken in the event of a new COVID wave. The chairman of BPGA also believes that the presence of a regular cabinet would stabilize the levels of gasoline and diesel prices in the range of BGN 2.23-2.25 per liter, which in the coming weeks could even decrease.



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