The Energy Commission obliges Bulgartransgaz to find the roadmap for our gas transmission infrastructure, if necessary in Russia as well

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Bulgartransgaz to take all actions, and if it has to demand from its partners in Russia and to provide within two weeks the so-called “A roadmap for Bulgaria's gas transmission infrastructure”, which is partly the basis for the degeneration of the Turkish Stream, was decided by the Energy and Climate Committee of the National Assembly.

A letter indicating the exact request will be prepared and sent by the commission. This decision was reached after the MP from "Democratic Bulgaria" Martin Dimitrov presented the text of a letter to the Russian Minister of Energy Nikolai Shulginov, requesting the provision of information on this topic.

"From the point of view of international protocol, this will be an exposure to international relations. How will we recognize the loss of a strategic document. I do not want to imagine the ridicule if this letter falls into unfriendly hands ", commented the MP Stanislav Atanasov from MRF.

The delicacy of the situation was also commented by his colleague Ramadan Atalay, who called on Zhecho Stankov from GERB-UDF if they have such a road map to give it, "that I am already beginning to doubt." "If we keep looking for her, she may jump out from under a rock," he said.

However, according to the text of the letter prepared by Martin Dimitrov to the Russian Minister of Energy, which will not be sent, however, it became clear that the document is from 2017 and was signed by the former executive director of Bulgartransgaz Georgi Gegov, who is no longer alive. .

The deputies' request is aimed at clarifying the commitments that our country has made in 2017 after the talks with Gazprom.



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