Bulgargaz offered BGN 69.76 per MWh price of natural gas from October 1

The company stops offering blue fuel under the 2021 Exemption Program after fulfilling its quota

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In accordance with the requirements of Art. 36a of the Energy Act, Bulgargaz EAD notifies its customers that the estimated price of natural gas for October 2021, formed in accordance with Art. 17 of Ordinance № 2 of 19.03.2013 on the regulation of natural gas prices is BGN 69.76 / MWh (excluding prices for access, transmission, excise and VAT) or 35.67 EUR / MWh, calculated according to the BNB fixing. This was announced by the gas supplier.

The forecast price for October 2021 is prepared on the basis of the forecast values ​​of the price-forming components for October 2021.

 For comparison, the estimated price on the European gas markets (as of 11.08.2021) for supplies in October 2021 is approximately 44 EUR / MWh.

A final proposal for approval of the price of natural gas for October 2021 will be submitted to the EWRC for approval on October 1, 2021, taking into account the quotations of the price-forming components as of September 30, 2021.

Bulgargaz also announced that it has already fulfilled its obligation under the Energy Act (EA) to sell certain minimum quantities of blue fuel on the organized natural gas exchange market. They have provided 4,281 GWh of natural gas under the 2021 Natural Gas Release Program.

All offered quantities were purchased at the auctions. Bulgargaz EAD will not offer more quantities under the 2021 Exemption Program, as it does not have available quantities.



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