A working group at BEH will look for innovative energy solutions for the green transition

Energy / Bulgaria
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Working group "Innovations in Energy" was established in "Bulgarian Energy Holding" EAD by order of the Executive Director Mr. Valentin Nikolov. This aims at enhanced development of the innovation potential of energy companies in Bulgaria. The main focus is on the introduction of innovative energy technologies, digitalization and ensuring a smooth energy transition to the use of clean and low-carbon energy, according to the Bulgarian Energy Holding.

The format will identify appropriate project ideas and will assist in the preparation of project proposals to funding institutions and organizations for the implementation of energy innovations and research in order to achieve competitiveness and high added value in the energy sector in our country.

The working group includes representatives of the energy companies from the group of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD, providing for the involvement of stakeholders involved in national, European and international ecosystem, in order to exchange experience, expertise, knowledge, good practices and know-how in the field of energy innovation.



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