TPP "Maritsa East 2" will have a quota for production of 1 million MWh of electricity for the regulated market

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TPP "Maritsa East 2" will have a total annual quota for electricity production of 1 million MWh for the next regulatory period July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 announced by the press center of the Ministry of Energy.

The Minister of Energy Andrey Zhivkov signed an order determining this quantity for mandatory purchase by the public supplier for the regulated market. The order was issued on the grounds of Art. 4, para. 2, item 8 of the Energy Act and Art. 25, para. 4 of the Administration Act. It is motivated by the implementation of item 2 of a decision of the National Assembly of 31 January 2020, which obliges the Council of Ministers to take all necessary measures to prevent termination or limitation of the production capacity of coal-fired power plants from the group of " Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD is specified in the announcement.

The Ministry of Energy has received opinions from the executive directors of National Electric Company EAD and Electricity System Operator EAD on the need to ensure reliable operation, security and sustainability of the country's electricity system, which creates a need to maintain the efficiency of TPPs. Maritsa East 2 ".

The setting of an annual quota for the thermal power plant is in response to this need. This is a short-term measure to ensure the operation of the TPP in the next one-year period and to ensure a smooth transformation in view of the environmental requirements and economic realities associated with high-emission CO 2 producers. The transition to more environmentally friendly production in the Maritza East complex will take place smoothly and without social stress through the use of various instruments provided by the European Commission - the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan, the Fair Transition Fund and others. In parallel, the Ministry of Energy has proposed to include in the Plan for recovery and sustainability of projects for gasification of production in the region, as well as those for construction and introduction of new green energy facilities. This will provide a horizon for the development of the complex in accordance with the challenges of the European Green Deal and will have a positive impact on the entire group of the Bulgarian Energy Holding.

Earlier in June, caretaker Energy Minister Andrey Zhivkov told reporters that ways were being sought to include the plant in the regulated market, citing a decision by the National Assembly. Then he promised that he was looking for and there is an option in which the operation of the plant would not be reflected in the increase in the price of electricity for households. A week ago, the trade unions joined the campaign for the inclusion of TPP "Maritsa East 2" on the regulated market.

At the end of 2020, the National Assembly obliged the government not to make commitments to close coal-fired power plants and to take all necessary measures for the normal functioning of TPP “Maritsa East 2” by the end of February.

In the past 2020, the company's loss reached BGN 341.2 million, according to data from the company's consolidated financial statements. In recent years, the plant continues to sink financially. In 2019, the company's pre-tax loss was BGN 208.3 million.



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