Zagorka installs a solar roof at her factory in Stara Zagora

Energy / Bulgaria
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The Zagorka brewing company, part of the Heineken Corporation, has installed a solar park in the brewery in Stara Zagora. The first photovoltaic panels of the new installation have already been installed, and the brewery will be able to supply part of its production with green energy from them very soon. The solution is part of the company's global strategy and is another step in the fight to reduce carbon emissions as part of the "Creating a Better World" platform for sustainable development.

The solar park is the first of its kind among the breweries in Bulgaria and will provide an opportunity to obtain energy entirely from the sun through photovoltaic modules. In this way, Zagorka gets more independence in terms of energy use. The expected forecasts are that consumption will decrease drastically on an annual basis, compared to the previous one, which will lead to lower levels of electricity used and reduction of carbon emissions. The latter were reduced by 70% in 2020 as a result of the use of 100% green refrigerated display cases on the market, and 24% fell in the company's logistics processes.

With the solar park, Zagorka is consolidating its efforts to achieve the goals of its strategy until 2030 - the use of fully renewable energy sources in the production process. This is just one of the ambitions of the brewing strategy of the brewery "Creating a better world" and determines an important part of the new sustainable EverGreen strategy for global growth, the company explains.



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