Bulgaria supports energy transformation, but only if the sustainability of the energy system and the peculiarities in our country are guaranteed

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The Council of Ministers today adopted the results of the informal videoconference meeting of the European Union's energy ministers, held on 22 April 2021. During the meeting, views were exchanged on issues raised by the Portuguese Presidency related to the EC's Wave of Renewal for Europe initiative. The priorities in the regulatory framework and the challenges in the process of intelligent integration of the energy system, with a focus on the implementation of the concepts of decentralized energy production. The goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, reminded by the government information service.

In accordance with the approved position, Bulgaria supported the efforts to transform the European economy into a sustainable and climate-neutral one by 2050. It was stressed that it is necessary to continue the measures to ensure the sustainability and adequacy of the energy system in accordance with national specifics. Renovating the building stock has a number of benefits for achieving the EU's climate and energy goals, while reducing energy dependence and costs for households and industry, improving air quality and creating additional incentives for economic development at local level. Measures to improve energy efficiency in buildings will be accompanied by large-scale integration of BEI.

Sectoral integration must contribute to the efficient use of existing infrastructure by providing equal access to new technological solutions to the market and does not exclude any technology contributing to the energy transition. It is planned to build installations for energy production for own consumption and development of energy communities.



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