Minister Zhivkov discussed options for the work of the Maritza East complex with the leadership of the National Trade Union "Protection"

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The opportunities for short-term operation of TPP Maritza East 2 EAD, as well as the efforts of the team of the Ministry of Energy to provide a long-term perspective for the region were at the center of talks between Energy Minister Andrey Zhivkov and the management of the National Trade Union. The meeting, which also includes Deputy Minister Miroslav Damyanov, is part of a series of discussions held by the team of the Ministry of Energy with non-governmental organizations, trade unions, branch and professional associations and others in order to achieve maximum public consensus on finding workable solutions for stabilization of the energy sector.

The two sides in the conversation reaffirmed the importance of TPP Maritza East 2 for the security of the energy system and its key role in energy supply.

According to Minister Zhivkov, the ME's efforts to solve the accumulated problems are aimed at solutions that, on the one hand, ensure the necessary stability of the energy system and, on the other hand, lay the foundations for a new perspective for the development of the entire region. This can be achieved through the European financial instruments - the Fund for Fair Transition, Innovation and Modernization Fund and others. Currently, the team of the Ministry of Energy is actively working to change the Recovery and Sustainability Plan by including new projects in it.



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