TPP AES Galabovo is 10 years old from the start of its commercial operation

During this period, the most modern coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria produced over 30,000,000 MWh of reliable electricity for Bulgaria

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More than 30,000,000 MWh of reliable electricity for Bulgaria has been produced by AES Galabovo TPP since the start of its operation. Today, the most modern coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria celebrates 10 years since the beginning of its commercial operation. The electricity produced for the period by TPP AES Galabovo is approximately equal to the consumption of all households in Bulgaria for 2 years. This is shown by the analysis of the production results of the most high-tech coal power plant in Bulgaria.

During these 10 years, TPP AES Galabovo has repeatedly proved its key importance for ensuring electricity supply in the country. In a number of situations, the most maneuverable coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria has played its critical role in maintaining the energy security of the national electricity grid.

The investment in TPP AES Galabovo, which is the only newly built plant in the last 40 years in Bulgaria, amounts to over BGN 2.6 billion. It provides jobs for nearly 4,500 people - directly and indirectly involved in its activities. And the taxes, fees and insurances paid for this period in the State Budget and the local treasuries amount to about BGN 800 million. TPP AES Galabovo also implements a large-scale program for corporate social responsibility, supporting important projects for the local community in the field of education, healthcare, sports and youth development, infrastructure. The budget of the CSR plant during these 10 years amounts to over BGN 14 million.

With its 690-megawatt capacity, TPP AES Galabovo not only provides electricity to meet consumption, but also provides a number of system services for network dispatch. TPP AES Galabovo contributes to Bulgaria to meet the requirements of the European Organization of Electricity Network Operators ENTSO-E from the reserve for primary regulation. AES Galabovo TPP works only with Bulgarian lignite coal mined in the state-owned Maritza East Mines, using about 5 million tons of coal annually, guaranteeing employment for thousands of miners, as well as Bulgaria's energy independence.

As a result of the responsible attitude towards the environment and the implemented modern technologies, the plant reaches an average annual efficiency of the desulphurization plant of over 97%. TPP AES Galabovo is designed so that it cannot produce electricity without a functioning desulphurization plant. The continuous operation of the desulphurization plant guarantees cleaner air and environmental protection.



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