Toplofikacia Ruse invests in clean energy production

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"This year the priority for Toplofikacia Ruse is the commissioning of the gas cogenerators, which were delivered last year. Gasification will have a positive impact in reducing emissions from the plant. The renewal and modernization of district heating capacities will support the fulfillment of the environmental requirements for highly efficient cogeneration and for saving CO2 emissions. ". This was said by Eng. Sevdalin Zhelev, director of the enterprise.

"We invest in projects to modernize the company. With them we aim to meet the requirements of Europe for reducing harmful emissions and development of the energy sector, "said Eng. Zhelev. According to him, the plans for transformation of Toplofikacia Ruse rely on increasing the share of combined heat and power production. The implementation of the investment program of the company is fully in line with the main priorities set in the European environmental directives, "said Eng. Zhelev.

The director of Toplofikacia Ruse pointed out that the maintenance of a large enterprise requires constant investments and improvements. "Adding the fact that we have to meet the expectations of our customers who have chosen heating, I can say that it is a very responsible and difficult task. We strive to adequately meet the high requirements of customers, "said Eng. Zhelev. He assured that they offer one of the most cost-effective and at the same time environmentally friendly heating methods.

"We continue to implement our investment program despite the pandemic. With the implementation of our gas transition project we will produce even more environmentally friendly energy. I believe that the key to success lies in a clear vision and consistency. The future is the best goal and we invest in it, "said Eng. Zhelev.

"In recent years, there have been significant changes in the energy sector due to the European Green Pact. They are aimed at increasing energy efficiency and producing even cleaner energy. The focus has shifted to the implementation of projects leading to a drastic reduction of harmful emissions into the air. This, in turn, requires a gradual change in the fossil fuels used so far, such as coal, "said the director of the TPP. Eng. Zhelev is convinced that the whole transformation of power plants producing heat and electricity requires investment of huge funds in the renovation of capacities. "I would say that we are investing all district heating in our future by replacing coal with natural gas to make a fair energy transition. Of course, we still have many tasks to perform in order to meet the requirements of the European Green Pact before we can achieve completely clean energy production, "said Eng. Zhelev.



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