The tenant of the beach at the mouth of Veleka with a petition against its concession

In response, the Ministry of Tourism stated that more efficient management of state property is the concession

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The Ministry of Tourism issued an opinion on the petition to suspend the open procedure for awarding a concession for the sea beach "Estuary of the Veleka River". The tenant of the beach at the mouth of Veleka, Filip Barov, and his team filed a petition against his concession in "12 without 5". The procedure for selection of a concessionaire on the sea beach "Mouth of river Veleka, Sinemorets" is with a decision of the Council of Ministers from April 16.

"The current tenant of the sea beach can present all his views and projects on the management of the sea beach as a participant in the open procedure and make an offer, which in case he is appointed as a concessionaire, will become part of the concession contract and control the implementation of its commitments under conditions of publicity and transparency, and not in a petition whose implementation is uncertain. The negative attitude of the current tenant to the open procedure contradicts his intentions to work for the prosperity of the beach, "said in a statement the Ministry of Tourism.

The department reminds that the tenant has been warned for violations and penalties over the years. They are adamant that the open procedure is planned long before the end of the government's term, and the project for a concession for the sea beach "Mouth of river Veleka" is included in the Action Plan for state concessions for 2021, published on the website of the National Concession register. The reason for its inclusion was the expiring lease in 2021, which was extended until 2022.

The petition of the tenant of the beach Filip Barov says that "On the last day of his life, April 14, 2021, the Council of Ministers (already resigned) announced in a press release that it intends to terminate our contract valid until November 2022, in order to to give to another the obligations and the rights under the same, only for 15 years. At the same time, in order for the state to receive a lower price and under conditions that completely ignore what has been done on the beach so far. "

The petition also states that the sea beach, which is in the territory of Strandzha Nature Park and within the boundaries of Natura 2000, and is also part of the protected area of ​​the same name, is an example of nature-friendly management. Examples include the investment in the installation of special paths that will naturally divert visitors away from the dunes, information boards on the importance of their protection and the restriction of motor vehicles on the beach.

According to environmental organizations, this is one of the few places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast that is managed in an environmentally friendly way. "The concession actually means another Sunny Beach, another movable establishments that will not be relocated, we do not want that. Concessions, as we see so far, are for many years and then are not controlled, but lead to the destruction of the dunes, as happened with the beach "Fig", commented Vera Staevska from "Green Laws", quoted by BGNES.

Several facts make an impression. As of April 14, an order of the Minister of Tourism for announcing a list of unguarded beaches for the summer season 2021 has been published on the website of the Ministry of Tourism and according to the LPCA it has been reduced to the implementation of the regional governors. With his signature, the Minister of Tourism certifies that the sea beach "Mouth of river Veleka" does not fall into the unguarded beaches. On the same date - April 14, 2021, the Minister submitted a decision to open a concession on the beach with the argument "... providing water rescue, securing the adjacent waters ...".

On April 22, parliament imposed a moratorium on concessions and deals until the election of a new cabinet or caretaker government.



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