Violations in the competition for election of state representatives in BEH are referred to the Chief Prosecutor of the SMO

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The MP from "Stand up! Mutri, out" (SMO) Andrey Valchev referred to the Chief Prosecutor for violations in the competition procedure for election of state representatives in the board of directors of BEH EAD and State Enterprise "Radioactive Waste", BNR reports. The main objection is that the former GERB MP Valentin Nikolov does not meet the conditions to be elected director of the Energy Holding, as as of February 8 this year he held a public office - Member of Parliament, in violation of the rules:

And here a case arises. The competition ends on February 8. Mr. Nikolov was released by a decision of the National Assembly on February 10. We ask a question to the Prosecutor General, give him a signal whether a participant is admitted who does not meet all the criteria for his admissibility, or a document has been created and a panel has been implemented, some act illegal within the meaning of the Criminal Code. In our opinion, the procedure is flawed. "

Arman Babikyan reminded that even when Nikolov was appointed, there was a debate in the parliament about Nikolov's competence for the position:

Energy is a key sector. The appointment of non-professionals’ key positions is extremely important not just because the industry will suffer, but because in this way, incompetent people can easily carry out orders from superiors. This is exactly how this key industry in Bulgaria is developing, " the national radio quoted him as saying.



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