The rules for REMIT have already been introduced by the EWRC, regulatory practices are improving

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The legislation, regulations and internal rules of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) have already implemented the rules for REMIT in accordance with European practices. A Methodology for determining sanctions and fines has also been adopted, which regulates the criteria for determining property sanctions for legal entities, participants in wholesale markets for energy products and / or fines for individuals for violations under REMIT. This was commented during an online conference by Plamen Mladenovski, Director of Electricity and Heat at the EWRC, when presenting the results of the implementation of the Project "Development of the analytical capacity of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission". According to him, one of the goals was to see where the Bulgarian regulator ranks compared to the European ones.

The project with the EWRC beneficiary and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is implemented on the basis of an agreement concluded between the EWRC and the EBRD to provide support for projects in the field of regulatory activity.

I am sure that we share a similar vision with the government and all stakeholders in this sector on REMIT, said EBRD Director for Bulgaria Anka Ionescu, expressing hope for future cooperation.



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