Shumen will build a gas plant from its landfill

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Construction of an installation for disposal and utilization of landfill gas at the regional landfill for solid waste near Divdyadovo, envisages the municipality of Shumen. The future TPP of methane is included in the Long-Term Program of the Municipality of Shumen for promoting the use of energy from renewable sources and biofuels for the period 2021-2031.

According to the Program, the terrain near the landfill allows the construction of a small gas thermal power plant. The energy equivalent of the landfill corresponds to the production capacity of the plant 280-300 kW, ensuring the consumption of electricity for about 300 households.

In addition to providing cheap electricity, such a plant would also solve the problem of unpleasant odors emitted by the landfill.

In the 78-page document, municipal experts also paid attention to the possibilities for using solar and wind energy to produce heat and electricity.

The average annual solar radiation resource in Bulgaria is 1,517 kWh / sq.m. A study has shown that Shumen is in an area that has a higher than average potential - approximately 1,600 kWh / sq.m.

However, the municipality falls into an area with the lowest wind energy potential. The average wind speed is below 4 m / s and currently building a wind farm as a source of alternative electricity would not be a good investment.

The Program includes various measures to stimulate the production of energy from renewable sources. For example, the creation of a municipal financial mechanism for priority financing of such projects for the needs of the public sector, but also financial incentives - introduction of tax relief for owners of electric vehicles, as well as preferences in fees for various services provided by the municipality. the commissioning of facilities for production of energy from renewable sources.

The Program is to be approved at the session of the Municipal Council scheduled for April 29.



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