The Ministry of Energy did not find any violations during the inspection of Bulgargaz

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The Ministry of Energy and BEH did not find any violations during the inspection of Bulgargaz's activity, which started at the end of March. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Energy.

Inspection performed by experts of the Ministry of Energy and Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD on the activities of Bulgargaz EAD covered 2020, the ministry announced.

No discrepancies can be established during the inspection, contact the realized revenues and report the expenses in 2020, as well as their reflection on the proposals of the company and subsequently reduced by the EWRC price of natural gas for April 2021.

Following this connection, the public supplier Bulgargaz EAD should take action to introduce an application for initiating administrative proceedings for approval of a price for April 2021 in the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.

Due to an inspection of the Ministry of Energy for the activity of Bulgargaz, a report was submitted to the regulator, the price of natural gas remains at the level of March - BGN 28.64 per MWh. The proposal for Bulgargaz, which is being discussed on March 25 for the price of gas in April this year. in the amount of BGN 32.32 per MWh - reduction of the price for March this year (BGN 28.64 per MWh) by 13%.

In a statement dated April 10, Bulgargaz on the basis of the development of the European gas markets and the quotations of alternative natural fuels until April 9 estimated price of natural gas for June at the level of BGN 35.74 per MWh (excluding access, transmission prices) , excise and VAT). For May, the expectation (announced in March) was BGN 34.44 per MWh.



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