Yanilin Pavlov, CEO of Brickel: We kept our promise to the public and this is not a surprise

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At the beginning of the year, Brickel applied for a new complex permit and, although there are no legal obstacles, he is expected to abandon the recovery of waste.

The new fuels in the mix, for which the energy company insists on expanding its mix, are biomass and oil shale, which will lead to a significant improvement in environmental parameters.

In the previous year, the executive director, Mr. Pavlov, repeatedly stated this intention to the management. This came after the suggestions of pseudo-environmental organizations, which insisted to the public that although everywhere in Europe waste is perceived as an ecological source of energy, in Bulgaria it is highly polluting.

Brickel has repeatedly and unequivocally stated his intention to reform and become part of the European green production plan, and the first steps are already a fact. To the surprise of the cabinet ecologists, this change cannot happen in a day or a week, unlike the demonstrations, which they organize with funds from foreign organizations.

Brickel is important for the Bulgarian economy for many reasons - starting with jobs, the livelihood it provides to related companies, the energy it produces at peak times for the population and finally with its contribution to Bulgaria's energy independence. It is better to export than to import is the voice of economists and reasonable people. It is better to close everything and then we will think it is not only unreasonable, but also disastrous for the Bulgarian economy and energy security.

"Our decision is expected," says Yanilin Pavlov. "Brickel: is the cause of society. And listening to our supporters, we complied with the wishes of the people. I think we are working consensus to save jobs and preserve the energy company. I hope that more and more people understand that a complete change to completely green production will take time, but our path has already been drawn and we have followed it convincingly. Nothing will happen in Brickell without people's knowledge. Our doors are wide open for those who want to make sure that we work according to the rules and for those who have expert potential and want to get involved in change. "

People benefit in the first place from the preservation of all Bulgarian energy companies, but let's not forget that they are also an important part of our energy security and balance, Brickel believes. Time has shown that no one has benefited from the destruction of irrigated agriculture, except the neighboring countries, for which we have become a good market. Now is the time for the future of Bulgarian energy and the efforts of people like the Brickel team, and public support will depend on destroying or preserving another major sector of the Bulgarian economy.



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