We are on the verge of returning the black vultures to Bulgaria

For the first time in three decades, black vultures have created couples in Bulgaria, but they are waiting for their patrons

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For the first time in 28 years since the last known nesting of the black vulture / cardal / in Bulgaria, three pairs have been formed in the Balkan Mountains. This is a success of the conservationists from "Green Balkans", the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and the Society for the Protection of Birds of Prey, according to "Green Balkans".

The three pairs are also the first birds of this species ever found and photographed in the Balkan Mountains. The pairs have nested on special platforms set up by conservationists and are part of a long-term return program. It began literally decades ago, with the first ideas and activities for the restoration of large vultures, as part of an international program and the Balkan reintroduction plan.

The first goal has been achieved - recovery of griffon vultures

The first results of the program were achieved with the restoration of griffon vultures as a nesting species in the Kresna Gorge and Stara Planina. In recent years, conservationists have released more than 350 griffon vultures donated by the Kingdom of Spain, France and more than 19 zoos in seven countries.

The second goal is the return of the black vulture

The second goal of the three civic organizations was the return of the black vulture - an extinct species for the country. In recent years, as part of the activities of the project "Bright Future for the Black Vulture", a total of 59 black vultures have been donated by Spain, at the cost of great efforts of a large international team. The nesting of the species in the Balkan Mountains and for the first time in the "new history" of nature protection in the country is a success in itself, Green Balkans notes. Wild birds and couples face a number of dangers and challenges, so we will follow their fate with interest, hoping to nest successfully this year and create a generation, the organization said.

11 majestic Cinereous vultures are looking for their godparents and lords.

Cinereous vulture - the black rulers of the Bulgarian sky - the largest bird of prey in nature and an extinct species for our country - need you to return to our country! Green Balkans conservationists are currently on the verge of returning the species to Bulgaria, but they need people's support.

11 black vultures were adopted in Bulgaria from Spain to restore the species in the country. That is why the environmental organization launched the initiative "Become a lord of a Cinereous vulturw".

“Do you want to be part of the return of an extinct species! Adopt or baptize one of the 11 individuals who are the new hope for the return of the largest bird of prey in the sky over Bulgaria, "said the organization. "Baptize one of the beautiful birds in your name or a name of your choice, for a donation worth BGN 500, in favor of the program to return the species," said the organization. More information can be found on the Green Balkans website.



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