BHRA proposes that the state temporarily buy part of the shares of the companies as aid

This is the German model, in which the money from the acquisition is used instead of aid and bank guarantees, and then the companies can buy the property from the state

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The state should consider the German business support model, in which instead of giving aid or bank guarantees, governments give funds against up to 25 percent of the companies, and then they can be bought back by the companies. This was proposed by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova, the branch association announced.

BHRA stressed to the Minister that in the last year in the public space tourism is associated only with restaurants that are an essential part of the business, but not the only one, and the real symbiosis of all tourism representatives in the market is found in the resorts. Hotels and other investors in them face very serious problems and without the help of the state they cannot survive. It is not normal for representatives of certain segments to thank on behalf of the industry for issues that are not within their competence and do not even understand them, according to BHRA.

Therefore, the meeting also discussed again how the state should support the sector through bank guarantees or the German model for providing working capital to start the season, rescheduling old loans to depositors and consumer loans for staff.

Minister Nikolova, quoted by BHRA, pointed out that there is an active dialogue with the competent institutions, as this is one of the ways to prevent bankruptcies in the industry and to achieve a restart of work in the sector. Nikolova announced that she is preparing to open new tourist offices in Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, which is one of the demands of the industry. BHRA stressed that it is necessary to open at least one more government of our country in Russia.

The status of the resorts and the lack of trained professional staff were also discussed, as well as the obstacles for attracting those from abroad, added BHRA.



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