BEH will donate equipment for the restoration of Ukraine's energy system

Prime Minister Glavchev in Berlin: Bulgaria will make a concrete contribution to the recovery of the country from the war

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Bulgaria is ready to donate energy equipment from the companies in the group of "Bulgarian Energy Holding" EAD worth BGN 1 million to Ukraine, with which to support the restoration of production capacities in the country. The process of selling the equipment for the Belene NPP is also in an advanced phase. A corridor for the export of electricity produced by Bulgaria to Ukraine is also being discussed, so that households and the administration will be supported during the winter months. This was announced by Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev and Minister of Energy Vladimir Malinov in Berlin. The Prime Minister pointed out that Bulgaria is working to speed up the construction of the "Vertical Gas Corridor" and state guarantees for its realization are being discussed. The project is important not only in connection with the replacement of Russian natural gas from January 1, 2025, but also as a sign of solidarity with Kyiv.

Bulgaria's willingness to make a concrete contribution to the recovery of Ukraine was the focus of Prime Minister Glavchev's speech during the conference held in the German capital. The Prime Minister highlighted the nearly $1 trillion in damages that Kiev is suffering because of the Russian Federation's unprovoked and illegal full-scale military aggression. The war claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Ukrainian citizens, including hundreds of children. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed, as well as schools, cultural and religious centers, and critical infrastructure has been affected, limiting access to electricity and heat, clean water and telecommunications.

Glavchev pointed out that Bulgarian companies are ready to get involved in projects for the restoration of power plants, power transmission networks and gas infrastructure. Our business has the capacity to participate also in activities of construction of transport and water supply infrastructure, construction of residential and public buildings. In this regard, the prime minister also noted the need for full integration of Ukraine in the development of the Pan-European transport corridors, which will bring substantial benefits to both the economy of Kyiv and the EU.

The Prime Minister paid special attention to the large-scale damage to the environment, which should also occupy an important place in the recovery activities in Ukraine. Prime Minister Glavchev recalled that Bulgaria was one of the first countries that responded with concrete help to overcome the disaster caused by the deliberate barbaric destruction of the "Kahovka" dam. Our country has also signed a bilateral Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of environmental protection, in which Bulgaria's commitment to joint work in sustainable water management, flood protection, waste management, improvement of atmospheric air quality and nature protection is declared. The preservation and restoration of Ukraine's cultural heritage is another huge challenge. Bulgarian experts can offer much-needed assistance for the restoration and conservation of damaged cultural sites in Ukraine.

Ukraine's partners have not only the will and ambition, but also the capacity to provide the much-needed decisive support for the recovery of the country from the destruction caused by the aggressor, said Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev. The Prime Minister identified the "Ukraine Facility" as a powerful tool that the EU has at its disposal for long-term support in the reconstruction of Kyiv. Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev was adamant that this support will continue as long as necessary, with the leading role of Ukraine and its institutions in the process of defining the immediate concrete goals.



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