With a 100% census by the CEC: GERB is the first and DPS is the second political force. PP-DB have a double drop in the number of votes compared to the previous elections

With a small lead, DPS also holds second place in the vote for the European Parliament

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The Central Election Commission (CEC) announced the results with 100% processed sectional protocols.

First are GERB-SDS, with 530,602 votes or 24.70% of the vote. Second are DPS with 366,562 votes and 17.07%. Third are PP-DB with 307,848 votes and 14.33%, followed by "Vazrazhdane" with 295,915 votes and 13.78%.

BSP is in fifth place with 151,557 votes and 7.06%, ITN is sixth with 127,986 votes and 5.96%, and Velichie is seventh with 99,852 votes and 4.65%.

Below the threshold of 4% are Mech, Blue Bulgaria, Solidarna Bulgaria and Center. With only a few votes, VMRO fails to pass the threshold of 1% and remains at 0.99%.

63,911 people voted "I support no one", which would put them in 9th place.

The comparison with the elections of April 2, 2023 is curious.

It can be seen that the "combination" between PP-DB and GERB-SDS has led to an outflow of voters.

PP-DB lost over 300,000 votes, and GERB-SDS lost 100,000 less.

On the other hand, DPS managed to record an increase of almost 20,000 people. Even more significant is the increase in votes for ITN.

An outflow of votes is observed for BSP and "Vazrazhdane".

6 parties qualify for the European Parliament.

GERB-SDS are first with 473,994 votes, followed by DPS with 295,052 and PP-DB with 290,792.

"Vazrazhdane" collected 281,439 votes, BSP - 141,175, and ITN - 121,573.

A quick comparison with the number of votes from the National Assembly elections shows less interest.

GERB-SDS are the first political force in 23 regions of the country. DPS won the most votes in another 6 - Kardzhali, Silistra, Smolyan, Targovishte, Shumen and Razgrad. Only in Sofia's 23rd and 24th MIG, PP-DB are the coalition with the best results.

To get an idea of ​​who are the first, second and third political forces, take a look at the interactive map on the Dir.bg website.




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