With 35.69% processed protocols: Seven parties enter the 50th National Assembly, a surprise for small parties

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Seven parties enter the 50th National Assembly with 35.69% of the election protocols processed, according to data on the CEC website as of 6:00 a.m. They confirm the surprise of the elections - the entry of the Greatness party.

GERB-SDS are first with 23.39%, followed by DPS - with 16.70%, PP-DB - 14.75%, "Vazrazhdane" - 14.28%, "BSP for Bulgaria" - 6.78%, ITN - 6.37%, "Velichie" - 4.96%.

GERB-SDS leads by a margin of 7% ahead of the second party, and the difference between PP-DB and "Vazrazhdane" is only half a percent.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has published the interim results of the elections for members of the European Parliament from Bulgaria, held on June 9.

In the vote for the European Parliament, six parties enter, there is also a reshuffle in the arrangement, with GERB-SDS remaining the first political force, PP-DB second. "Velichie" fails to cross the 5 percent barrier.

Here are the results in numbers:

With processed 35.69% of protocols of the sectional election commissions (SEC) in the regional election commissions (REC), the results are:

GERB-SDS - 23.31%

PP-DB - 15.41 %

"Vazrazhdane " - 14.91%

VAT - 11.33%

"BSP for Bulgaria" - 7.15%

ITN - 6.59 %

"Velichie" - 4.39%

Bulgarian citizens elected 240 representatives in the 50th National Assembly, as well as 17 representatives in the European Parliament. This is the fifth early parliamentary vote and it coincided with the holding of the Euro vote. In the history of Bulgaria, both types of elections are being held simultaneously for the first time, BTA recalls.



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