"New Powers" expects good offers for the EIA of the 8th unit of the Kozloduy NPP

Subject to the indicative timetable and successful financing negotiations, the new nuclear facilities should be licensed and producing electricity in 2035

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"Kozloduy NPP - New capacities" is capitalized, with a serious (financial) resource, but waiting for its increase, which should happen after the conclusion of the transaction for the sale of the equipment for the Belene NPP with the Ukrainian side. This was said by the company's deputy executive director Lyuben Marinov during the international conference on nuclear energy "Bulatom". "I hope these funds will go back into the nuclear business and not be lost," he said. During his speech to the participants in the conference, Marinov presented the company's achievements so far, as well as the detailed plan for the upcoming activities, in particular in accordance with the schedule determined by the National Assembly and the intergovernmental agreement.

One of the most important steps determined by Marinov is the EIA of the 8th unit of the Kozloduy NPP, Marinov said, reminding that the public procedure has been published on the company's website and "they are waiting for bids". "We are waiting for the best proposals, the best offers, because this is the critical path," he said, based on previous EIA experience for the plant's Unit 7.

The company "Kozloduy NPP - New capacities" is also proceeding with a procedure for re-evaluation of the site. It is required by regulatory documents, as its characteristics must be reevaluated from the point of view of the large objects planned for construction. As Marinov specified, such an approach is also important from the point of view of the need to provide information to the public and relevant environmental organizations, so that they can be convinced of its safety and good enough characteristics for the construction of two nuclear facilities.

The team is now in the negotiation stage for an engineering phase 1 contract with the Westinghouse & Hyundai consortium.

An important step ahead is the updating of the development plan (updating the DDP) and development of the entire system for organizing the construction process, including people and a transport scheme for heavy loads.

Work is underway to find the best approach for a transport scheme, Marinov specified. One of the requirements I should mention is the regulator's requirement to develop a Design Terms of Reference sufficient to select the next construction process. "Naturally, we have identified the lack of deep knowledge in managing such complex and complex projects, and therefore we have identified the need to attract an "engineer-owner", which is essentially the next procedure according to the schedule presented by Marinov.

Only after that, the company envisages one of the most important steps - financial structuring of the project. On this point of stake and negotiation, the American EXIM Bank, KEXIM, etc.

The deputy executive director of "NPP Kozloduy New Capacities" expressed expectation for cooperation between the Bulgarian and the American nuclear regulator to support the project. Hope for inclusion in the work on this complex project is also expected from the side of the Bulgarian universities.

A final investment decision, which should take place next year in 2025, is key.

At the end of 2025, according to Lyuben Marinov, an EPC construction contract should be concluded.

Subsequently, in 2026, after carrying out preliminary activities, the site should be fully prepared, in 2027 it should pass technical approval, and the first concrete according to the preliminary schedule is planned for 2029. In compliance with this schedule, in 2035, the new capacities of the Kozloduy NPP must be prepared for commissioning, with a license and ready for the sale of electricity.

Lyuben Marinov also focused on the localization of the supply chain, paying attention to Westinghouse's proposals for "a fairly wide range of distribution of responsibilities, based on their experience and knowledge from previous projects." This issue of responsibilities was raised as a proposal, which is currently being considered by the project company and Kozloduy NPP," he said. According to him, the expectation is that this phase will end in such a way that it is in the best interest of the company.

He also explained that it is a practice for this type of project to provide different options for the placement of the two blocks, including the options for water supply and cooling. "We have a workable alternative that is currently under consideration and has been provided to Westinghouse for the ongoing activities that they have scheduled to perform," Marinov said. At the same time, he reminded that there is an indicative schedule, how the activities will develop in the next 10-15 years. "A large part of this schedule may have become the basis for the decision of the National Assembly," he further explained by defining the government fees received so far for units 7 and 8 of the Kozloduy NPP as sustainable.

According to the plans drawn up by the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH), in July 2024, an engineering contract should be signed, phase 1.

In July 2025, phase 1 should be completed and planning permission received.

Also in July 2025, negotiations for securing external financing should be completed, and in August 2025, a final investment decision should be made.

The company also has a preliminary estimate of the financing amount, but it is not being commented on at this stage.



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