Deputies want a new extraordinary session of the parliament - this time because of the increase in the price of electricity

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Deputies announced at a briefing on the sidelines of the National Assembly that from tomorrow they will start collecting signatures for convening a new extraordinary session next week, BNR reported. The minister of energy, Vladimir Malinov, should be heard at it because of the information about an upcoming increase in the price of electricity for household consumers from July 1.

A few days ago, at a briefing, Malinov reassured that the Kozloduy NPP will withdraw the application submitted to EWRC, which foresees a 30% increase in the price of household electricity from July 1, and will submit a new one with optimized parameters.

Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev was also categorical from the parliamentary rostrum that there will be no dramatic change in the price of electricity. He was heard during today's extraordinary session of the National Assembly.

"We are monitoring the process of forming the price of electricity, as far as it is within the powers of the executive power. And I can reassure the Bulgarian population that there will be no dramatic change. I can even give you such an indicative percentage, within the framework of inflation, that even more down. But it's not my job to say what the price of electricity will be from July 1," said Glavchev.

On April 25, the deputies adopted changes related to the liberalization of the electricity market. Minister Malinov commented that the liberalization of the market has not been postponed, as in the previous legislative framework the full liberalization of the market for domestic electricity consumers had to take place from January 1, 2026. According to him, it will now also take place from January 1 2026. He explained that the changes are related to the transition period, which was supposed to start from July 1 of this year and last 18 months, during which part of the regulation mechanism of this market was changed.



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