Ivan Ivanov: Electricity consumption should be the basis of the energy strategy

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The energy strategy, if adopted, will be the document that will provide the general framework for the development of Bulgarian energy, and the consumption of electricity must have a major place in the energy strategy. This was said by the chairman of the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (EWRC), Ivan Ivanov, during the Forum "Sustainable and efficient energy system for a stable and secure economy".

According to Ivan Ivanov, an energy strategy should have three main elements. The first is to expand the production of renewable energy in the country, while creating conditions so that this development is not deliberately hindered. The second is the construction of the energy storage systems, and the third is the development of the electricity network in the country.

The chairman of EWRC was categorical that the problem of overproduction from renewable energy sources will largely be solved with energy storage systems. In this regard, he reminded that there are small systems providing for the satisfaction of own consumption and gave the example of Germany, where there are 1 million such energy storage systems, with 500,000 built in 2023. This allows the energy user not to be continuously connected to the grid, but able to use the stored energy. This concept makes the system decentralized and reduces network losses; Ivan Ivanov pointed out.

The Chairman of EWRC presented to the forum participants the progress on the regulatory documents ensuring market transparency.



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