Westinghouse expands its chain of main suppliers from Bulgaria for AP1000® technology with the signing of 17 memorandums

The selected Bulgarian companies will provide services and supplies for the project to build a new nuclear power with AP1000® technology at the Kozloduy NPP, as well as for other international projects

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Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC) signed memorandums of understanding with 17 major Bulgarian suppliers for joint participation in the construction of the upcoming new nuclear power units with AP1000® technology at the Kozloduy NPP site in Northern Bulgaria and at other sites in the region. This important event is organized as a follow-up to the symposium held in February this year in Sofia and is in line with Westinghouse's long-term commitment to expand its local supply chain.

The MoUs signed outline the potential for manufacturing key components including large structural modules, cranes, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, as well as the provision of various engineering, transport, consultancy and construction services. The suppliers with whom agreements were signed are: Atomenergoremont JSC; Bullmachinery Enterprises Ltd.; "Bureau Veritas Bulgaria"; "Central Energy Repair Base" EAD; "ELIA" JSC; "Energoremont-Galabovo" JSC; Himmash JSC; "Industrial Parts" EOOD; "KMS" AD; "Cranes Engineering" EOOD; "MTG-Delfin" JSC; "PODEMCRAN" JSC; "Tia Logistics" EOOD; "TM INOX" EOOD; "Biomashinostroene" JSC; "Bularmex-IK" AD and "Micromet" AD.

"Attracting local companies and ensuring maximum localization in the project to build a new nuclear power plant with AP1000® technology at the Kozloduy site continues to be our main goal," said Petyo Ivanov, Executive Director of Kozloduy NPP - New Powers. “We are delighted to be present at today's event and to bring these leading local suppliers to the project. The signing of today's agreements brings us one step closer to building a new nuclear power plant in Bulgaria using the most advanced technology and highlights the economic impact the project will have on our country and society. We expect these Bulgarian companies to become a critical part of Westinghouse's global supply chain, and in particular for all the projects to build new nuclear power that Westinghouse plans to implement in Europe."

"Westinghouse has a fully structured supply chain around the world and today we are delighted to expand it with leading companies from Bulgaria to ensure the successful deployment of two power units with AP1000® technology at the Kozloduy site," said David Durham, President "Power Systems" at Westinghouse. "The expansion of our chain of local, qualified suppliers, in addition to the key progress we are making in the execution of the preliminary engineering contract for the construction of a new nuclear power plant at the Kozloduy site, are important steps that will help us pave the way to securing of a clean energy future in Bulgaria for generations to come."

In June 2023, Westinghouse concluded a contract for preliminary engineering activities (Front-End Engineering & Design, FEED) with "Kozloduy NPP - New capacities", and in October 2023 signed memorandums of understanding with 5 other Bulgarian companies for joint participation in the upcoming construction of new nuclear power units at the Kozloduy site and in other European countries. The scope of these memorandums includes the design and supply of control and management systems (CMS), radiation monitoring systems and other services.

The AP1000® is the only Generation III+ nuclear reactor deployed in final commercial operation that uses fully passive safety systems, has a modular construction design and has the lowest carbon footprint per MWe. In the US, at the Vogtle NPP site in Georgia, the first power unit with AP1000® technology has already entered final, commercial operation, with the second power unit with this technology expected to enter service in the second quarter of 2024. Four other reactors with AP1000® technology today set operational efficiency records in China, where eight more reactors with the same technology are currently under construction. The AP1000® has already been selected for the nuclear programs in Poland, Ukraine and Bulgaria, and is also the subject of construction interest at many other sites in Central and Eastern European countries, the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America.




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