The new Minister of Economy, Petko Nikolov, promised to continue policies in the sector

Acting Minister of Economy and Industry Petko Nikolov assured that there will be continuity in the work of the ministry

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"These priorities, which are currently set by Mr. Bogdanov in the economy, I assure you will also be my priorities". This is what the acting minister told journalists upon entering the department's building to take over the management of the ministry from the resigned minister Bogdan Bogdanov. Nikolov pointed out that he will be more specific after getting acquainted with the department's work.

In response to a question about whether he would conduct an audit in the ministry, Nikolov stated that everything he would undertake would be within the law. No personal relationship, on the contrary, I know Mr. Bogdanov and we will make a good reception-handover process, said the official minister, quoted by BTA.

Minister Bogdanov reminded journalists about the management program of the government in resignation, which was scheduled for 18 months. I will share everything we have done so far and what we expect to be done by the end of the year, he added. After the tasks, Bogdanov listed: the preparation of several laws, the priorities around economic development set at the end of last year, the upcoming meetings of six intergovernmental commissions to be held this year, the efforts around Schengen and the Eurozone, and the reform of state-owned enterprises there. where possible to make them more effective.

Earlier today, an executive succession ceremony took place in the Council of Ministers after the members of the official cabinet were sworn in at the National Assembly.

At the end of last week, Petko Nikolov was nominated for the Minister of Economy and Industry in the project for an official cabinet with candidate for Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev.

Petko Nikolov graduated from UNWE, said Dimitar Glavchev in the presidency during the presentation of the structure and composition of the cabinet project. Nikolov was the chairman of the Commission for the Protection of Competition, the Patent Office, the Privatization Agency, and the National Company "Industrial Zones", added Glavchev.



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