Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev will offer within seven days his cabinet with experts "equal distance from the political forces"

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Dimitar Glavchev gave his word to President Radev that in 7 days he would hand over to him a composition of the Council of Ministers, which would be "equally distant from the political forces". At the "Dondukov 2" ceremony, he announced that he was the last possible option for prime minister, and if he refused, the alternative was a constitutional crisis.

"It was a difficult decision for both of us, but what was the alternative, since I was the last one who could implement the procedure that is written in the constitution. The alternative was to throw the state into a constitutional crisis with unclear consequences," Dimitar Glavchev began his speech.

He then stated that he approaches the assigned task with responsibility and has no choice but to carry it out as outlined in the Constitution.

"I firmly state that I will present to you a composition of the government, equidistant from all political forces, a composition of experts, untainted, uncorrupted and with a good name in society. I am sure that there are in the departments and ministries such people who can to take over these functions. I will make it so that you will not be ashamed when signing the government decree," Glavchev said.

He said he was fully aware that the main function of the caretaker government was to organize fair elections, but he accepted Rumen Radev's warning that from day one he would have to take full responsibility for any government. "The main function of every administration is to improve the lives of citizens," Glavchev reported.

He vowed to continue affirming Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic path, "since this path was chosen a long time ago", and in defense of his promise of an equidistant cabinet from all parties, he revealed that he plans to present the candidates to "the political forces in order to convince them of this too".

At the end of his address, Dimitar Glavchev emphasized again that he will perform his duties responsibly, giving an example of his previous work at the Audit Chamber.

"It is worth recalling that 8 months ago I became the chairman of the Audit Chamber, where depoliticization is absolutely mandatory. Anyone who wants can ask anyone who works there if I have shown any bias during these 8 months. I plan to continue in the same spirit", concluded Dimitar Glavchev.

Minutes later, in front of the journalists gathered in front of the presidency, Dimitar Glavchev commented that the goal was "two in one" elections. "I will look for ministers who are experts, equally distant from all political forces," he stressed.

Dimitar Glavchev was born on August 15, 1963 in Sofia. Master of International Economic Relations and Accounting from the University of National and World Economy. Chartered Accountant, registered auditor with the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has over 30 years of professional experience in the field of auditing, financial control and accounting. More than 20 of these are in the field of independent audit, including engagements for agreed procedures on EU-funded projects.



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