After the World Bank and PwC, now the EIB will also advise us in the development of a development plan for the "Maritsa-East" complex

The Ministry of Energy and the European Investment Bank signed today the strategic document on the expected investments

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) will consult the Ministry of Energy in developing a development and investment plan for the "Maritsa-East" complex. An agreement to this effect was signed today by the bank's vice president, Kyriakos Kakouris, and the Minister of Energy, Rumen Radev. This was announced by the Ministry of Energy today.

With the assistance of the EIB, an analysis of the region's competitive advantages will be prepared to identify the most promising new economic activities. The transition to a carbon-neutral economy will enable their fullest use, helping to transform the region into a carbon-neutral industrial hub.

We remind you that exactly two years ago, two reports were created on the same topic - one by the World Bank and one by PwC - "PricewaterhouseCoopers Bulgaria" in connection with the territorial plans for a just transition in our country. Information on the subject can be found here. The analyzes did not go down well with the public in the region and because of this there were protests in October last year.

The Stara Zagora region has a huge potential for a transition based on an integrated transformation of assets, which would allow the preservation of its energy profile, the quality of employment and the realization of added value through large-scale investments in the field of clean technologies, using the potential of the available infrastructure, human capital and land. Added to these advantages, the developed educational infrastructure makes the region extremely promising for research and development and innovation in the field of new clean technologies.

"The partnership with an authoritative institution of the rank of the European Investment Bank is key from the perspective of attracting quality investors and creating sustainable jobs in the region. The expertise and experience of the bank will support the identification of the best prospects for the Maritsa East complex and the full development of its exceptional potential," said Energy Minister Rumen Radev after the signing of the agreement.

"The European Investment Bank is the climate bank of the European Union. One of our main goals is to support member states in their transition to a green and sustainable economy for the benefit of people and businesses," said the Vice President of the European Investment Bank Kyriakos Kakouris. "For this transition to be successful, it must be fair and no one should feel left out. Therefore, I am particularly happy that our experts will work together with the Ministry of Energy to develop a comprehensive and detailed plan for the Maritsa-East complex, so as to find the most correct and successful projects for its development."



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