After almost two hours of debates on dropping the derogation for Lukoil, GERB and PP-DB withdrew their bills. Is a new version in the works?

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After almost two hours of debates in the plenary hall on dropping the derogation for Lukoil, as well as after a break given by the Speaker of the National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov, the proponents represented by GERB and PP-DB simultaneously withdrew their bills. In particular, it is about another amendment to the Control Law on the Implementation of Restrictive Measures in view of Russia's actions destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. - from January 1.

During the debate, the question was raised whether this is according to the rules of the work of the National Assembly. The BSP questioned why the derogation was withdrawn and doubted that there would be a new bill.

As the BSP leader Cornelia Ninova explained from the rostrum of the National Assembly, GERB withdrew the derogation, as Boyko Borisov stated that there will be a new option that will unite the views of the two parliamentary groups - PP-DB and GERB (as amended in the Law on Control over the Implementation of Restrictive Measures in View of Russia's Actions Destabilizing the Situation in Ukraine).

Meanwhile, the chairman of the budget committee in the National Assembly, Yordan Tsonev, also presented the agreement reached, which foresees the abolition of the derogation from March 1.

"The derogation is terminated from March 1. Exports are terminated from January 1. The detail is that we have to see how to write the texts that concern the audit that the Customs agency must do by December 31 to determine what already processed quantities are in the warehouses of Neftohim, and to consider whether these quantities should be allowed to be exported in order not to clog up certain derivatives. Permission should be given so that they do not clog up the warehouses of the refinery".



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