ICGB Executive Director Teodora Georgieva with an award for a leading role in the energy sector for Central and Eastern Europe

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ICGB Executive Director Teodora Georgieva with an award for a leading role in the energy sector for Central and Eastern Europe

ICGB is already successfully offering capacity also for quantities that will come from the Alexandroupolis LNG terminal, creating more flexible opportunities for new suppliers to enter the local market.

ICGB Executive Director Teodora Georgieva was honored for leadership in the energy sector at the CEENERGY NEWS 2023 Awards. The ceremony took place in Budapest, Hungary, as part of the 4th Annual Climate Summit.

Georgieva received the special media award for inspiring leadership figure in the energy sector for her work on the implementation and commercial operation of the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector. The promotion of more sustainable energy solutions, support for the energy transition, energy security and active, transparent communication with national and international media about the activities of the ICGB are part of the jury's reasons for awarding the award.

"Just two months ago we celebrated the first anniversary of the commercial operation of the IGB gas pipeline - an achievement that is extremely satisfying after years of hard work to bring this project to fruition. Today it is a vital part of Bulgaria's energy security and has made it possible to support our allies Moldova and Ukraine in a difficult period - this is the essence of European solidarity, connectivity and strength in unity," said Georgieva during the ceremony. She emphasized the importance of the IGB for the energy market in the region as a prerequisite for the next phase of the project - expanding the capacity to 5 billion cubic meters per year.

"The interconnector is very important for Bulgaria and has synergy with all other energy infrastructures planned or already built in the region - TAP, TANAP, EastMed, the liquefied natural gas terminals in Greece - especially the one in Alexandroupolis," said Georgieva. According to her, ICGB already offers capacity at the point of interconnection with the Greek national operator DESFA, which will allow the transportation of gas through the interconnector after the commissioning of the liquefied natural gas terminal in Alexandroupolis, where Bulgaria is also a shareholder.

"This strategy has ensured high market interest and reservation of IGB capacity not only for the gas year 2023-2024, but also in the next few years. In this way, we provide more flexible opportunities for new suppliers to enter our market. The provision of diverse, reliable sources of supply of natural gas has an inevitable, positive impact on households and businesses, and this should be our main priority and inspiration," Georgieva said. According to her, IGB symbolizes the power of international cooperation and the vision of creating a more sustainable and interconnected energy market in Central and Eastern Europe. "This is a motivation for the entire ICGB team and the award is also a recognition of the efforts of our proven experts," she noted.



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