Minister Bogdanov: The state will recover nearly BGN 45 million given in 2020. of the contractor of the unrealized government complex

The Minister of Economy and Industry has taken steps to change the composition of the Consumer Protection Commission

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Nearly BGN 45 million will be reimbursed to the State Consolidation Company for the unrealized government complex. We are in the process of reimbursing this amount to the state from the contractor, who was paid over BGN 70 million without VAT for the project in 2020 without financial justification. This was stated by the Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov before the MPs in the Economic Committee of the National Assembly.

"We expect the company, which was entrusted with the implementation of the project, by December 4 to reimburse SCC a significant part of the funds - namely, nearly BGN 45 million without VAT." According to him, the project was commissioned for execution without a public order and without financial justification, with about BGN 70 million paid in advance, excluding VAT. Bogdanov announced that a legal dispute is expected for the rest of the amount, but the state has every argument for recovering a large part of the payment means.

Minister Bogdanov was categorical that with the return of this amount, the State Consolidation Company will have the opportunity to repay part of the obligation it has to the Bulgarian Development Bank, so as not to pay the state and taxpayers interest for this project. We remind you that for the advance funds paid for a new government complex, the company uses credit and pays millions in interest per year.

Bogdanov explained that 50% of the given funds are for a conceptual project and therefore their recovery will take time. "The first BGN 45 million will be paid in December, and we expect the rest as a matter of urgency. We hope to reach a consensus with the association to which the project was assigned", emphasized the minister.

When asked about problems in the Commission for Consumer Protection, Minister Bogdanov pointed out that after an inspection by the Inspectorate in the Ministry, numerous violations were found and the competent authorities were referred. "Audits were carried out at our ministry, gross violations in the work of the Commission were found. We have numerous complaints of unregulated interference and a targeted campaign against traders by the CCP, including reports and investigations that have gone public," he stressed.

According to him, he has already proposed changes to the Consumer Protection Commission to the Council of Ministers. "We have the support of the Prime Minister, we expect coordination with the Deputy Prime Minister and we hope that these problems in the CCP will end within the next week," said Bogdanov.



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