Academician Nikolay Denkov: The situation can be predicted, but there is no way to prevent all the consequences in the time we have

Within the last 24 hours, two and a half times as much precipitation has fallen for the corresponding month, which is not unusual, but creates problems, the prime minister commented at an extraordinary briefing

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The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) at the BAS warned of worsening weather conditions in the country over the weekend. We can report today many wires breaking, electric poles falling, branches breaking, trees falling, in over 1,000 places across the country there is no power supply, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov explained during an extraordinary briefing. The situation can be foreseen, but there is no way to prevent all the consequences in the time we have, the prime minister stressed.

All regional governors gathered yesterday to coordinate their regional headquarters and today there is another meeting with the regional governors and their crisis headquarters.

I understand everyone's desire for all reports to be resolved quickly, but quickly means removal, the time in which damage can actually be repaired, roads cleared, stuck tracks, cars, people pulled, over 100 people have been saved from disasters, said the prime minister and thanked all the institutions that responded to the signals during the night.

Roads continue to be cleared, but it is difficult for this to happen because the rains continue in places, there is no way to react to hundreds of signals like there are in many areas, including in Sofia, Denkov also said.

In Sofia, the situation with the sunny weather is deceptive, because in a number of places there is still a strong wind, the snowfall continues, there is no way for teams to go out and fix the wires, because it literally endangers the lives of the electricians.

At the moment, we expect the regional governors to submit information for additional support, the Prime Minister said.

A disaster situation remains where it still continues to rain and have strong winds. The Prime Minister also said that the Crisis Staff is already collecting information on how the school day will proceed within the framework of tomorrow.

The power outage is not unexpected, overhead power lines, 16 substations across the country are affected, half of the breakdowns were fixed between 6.55 and 10.45 and power is now restored, said Energy Minister Rumen Radev. Let's not forget that Sofia has many additional power supplies, but in Montana, both high-voltage transmission lines are affected, added the energy minister.

Regarding the gas supply, there are no serious damages, and there are no serious signals for the heating systems, which are working, and they continue to maintain 5000 MW/h at the moment.

The situation is most severe with the medium and low voltage power lines, a large part of the power lines have broken cables due to fallen branches, if we talk about problems in their places, a problem with easements, said Radev. Yes, it is a fact that no leaves fell, they weighed down the branches and that is why there are branches and whole trees falling, that is why it was the preparation for the winter season, to look around for possible dangers, but there was no way to predict the places with problems, said the minister.

The numbers are constantly changed to eliminate damage. Electricity distribution networks West has 1039 settlements. There are problems in Sofia, parts of Simeonovo, Vlada, Vitosha, Malinova Dolina, Voluyak, Bankya and others. Since the company paid attention not to overdo the calls, the signals are accepted, but the repeated calls have overloaded the line, which has blocked. The minister said that he could not explain the situation with the company's website down.

Of the remaining EPPs, the most complicated situation is in EPP North, where over 400 settlements have a serious problem with access to places with low and medium voltage power supply interruptions, the energy minister said during the briefing.

The radiation background in the country is calm.

The Army specified that they are working at the request of regional headquarters, teams from the National Military University will be involved in the cleanup, we are ready to act in Northeastern Bulgaria, said Todor Tagarev, the Minister of Defense during the briefing.

The Prime Minister also responded to the comments on the social networks of the head of the DPS Delyan Peevski. The head of the DPS Delyan Peevski issued an angry address to the prime minister regarding the difficult situation in many places in the country due to the heavy snowfall and stormy winds. He expressed bewilderment as to why the Prime Minister called an emergency meeting in the Council of Ministers live and online, in which the Ministers of the Interior, Energy and Defense, the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Chief of Defense, the fire department and the Road Infrastructure Agency participate ", as well as regional governors. Peevski urged them to get out of the warm offices and to be with people because, as he emphasizes, snow online is not cleared.

However, Prime Minister Denkov asked: I don't know how Mr. Peevski imagines the work of the institutions, but it is important how the institutions coordinate the process and that they are on the spot with their teams and specialists. He does not think that the prime minister should go and show himself in certain places where the work should actually be done to prevent accidents and difficult situations.

What is the actual weather situation like? Within the last 24 hours, two and a half times as much precipitation has fallen for the corresponding month, which is not unusual, but creates problems, the Prime Minister concluded. In municipalities such as Vratsa, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Razgrad, there is more than 36-40 cm of snow cover, in Sofia it is 25-35 cm. The complex winter situation, combined with the wet snow, leads to accidents that we have to deal with, he commented at the end Prime Minister Denkov.

State forestry enterprises from the system of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food are involved in snow removal

By order of the Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov and the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev, an organization was created for the six State Forestry Enterprises to be actively involved with forest equipment in cleaning the snow and removing the damage. Fallen trees will be cleared on the ground and the necessary steps will be taken to remove the consequences of the heavy snowfall. The directors of the enterprises synchronize their actions in places with the mayors of municipalities and settlements, coordinated with the regional governors.



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