Bulgaria recognizes the microelectronics sector as a chance for the future, Minister Stoycheva said

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"We recognize in the microelectronics sector a chance for the future of Bulgaria. We are currently preparing the official administrative inclusion of Bulgaria in the Chips Joint Undertaking, which will finance the measures under the European Legislative Act for Integrated Circuits (European Chips Act). This means, that Bulgaria clearly focuses on being a leader in high technologies. To choose development for the economy in a direction that creates added value, in the potential of people".

This was commented by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoicheva at Forum Microelectronics & Mechatronics 2023: Shaping the Future of Technology. The forum is organized by the Microelectronics and Industrial Electronic Systems Cluster (MIESC), Technical University - Sofia and the Mechatronics and Automation Cluster.

Minister Stoicheva indicated that the official administrative inclusion of Bulgaria in the Chips Joint Undertaking is expected to be finalized by the end of the year. "This will give our scientists the opportunity to participate in joint projects and be at the forefront of the development of modern technologies," said the Minister of Innovation and Growth.

Stoycheva also pointed out that the development of high technologies and investments in scientific and development activity is the way to attract investors, which will lead to the growth of the economy and to the future development of the industry in Bulgaria.

The Minister of Innovation and Growth told the forum participants that Bulgaria's accession to NASA's "Artemis" agreements is imminent. "This is a historic moment because Bulgaria will be the 30th country to sign this agreement for peaceful space exploration and will help to involve our companies in the development of new technologies," said Stoicheva.



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