Bulgaria and Greece will cooperate in the safe use of nuclear facilities

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Source: Georgi Velev / 3eNews

The caretaker government approved a draft agreement between the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency and the Hellenic Atomic Energy Commission on operational notification in the event of a nuclear accident and cooperation in the field of nuclear safety regulation and radiation protection, as a basis for negotiations. This was announced by the press service of the Council of Ministers.

The signing of the agreement was initiated by a mutual decision of both parties with the aim of operational notification in the event of a nuclear accident and deepening the partnership between the two regulatory bodies in the areas specific to nuclear regulation.

The draft Agreement provides for the exchange of information in the event of an accident at the nuclear facilities of both countries, as well as of expertise in licensing and control activities in the field of the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes and in the field of regulation of radioactive material management activities, including their transportation and safe storage.

The decision will not have an impact on the state budget, the Council of Ministers also informed.



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