The caretaker government will submit a draft of a new energy strategy to Parliament

The construction of new nuclear facilities in our country will also be included in the new document

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Source: Council of Ministers, archive

The National Assembly deals with everything else, but not with its main activity - lawmaking. All the PVA laws have been introduced by the caretaker government, but I am not optimistic that more than 2 or 3 bills will be passed under the plan. This was stated by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev to BNR.

The caretaker government has done its job, the projects have been pending since October until now, there is zero movement in the Parliament, stressed Donev.

I am engaged and busy with preparing the caretaker government with the report that we have to present on the work done, commented Donev in response to a question about whether there will be a regular government. You see that the chances with the second term, although Denkov's approach to dialogue was a good move, let's see tomorrow the declaration that they will propose for a vote in the National Assembly, whether they will gather a majority, pointed out Donev.

On other topics, the acting prime minister said that the EC obliges Bulgaria to reduce carbon emissions by 10% this year. "This is not acceptable for us and we will insist that this commitment be postponed," acting Prime Minister Galab Donev said in Kalofer.

The caretaker government has its responsibility to the Bulgarian citizens and the economy, Donev added.

It will not be a secret, we will introduce an electricity strategy that will show the development of the energy sector in Bulgaria in the next few years, the establishment of new nuclear capacities, to foresee such ones, commented Donev.



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