Several ministries are working in sync for the speedy completion of the gas interconnector with Greece

Minister Ivan Shishkov: The problem with the gas connection is unfinished construction

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Source: bTV/MRRB

The problem with the Intersystem gas connection Greece - Bulgaria is unfinished construction. Four to five ministries are working in sync to finalize the site. By the end of the day, we expect a schedule from the builder for the execution of the activities day by day. This was said by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Arch. Ivan Shishkov in the program "This Morning" on BTV.

The problem with road companies is from 2018, when the vicious model of awarding contracts for current repairs and maintenance began. They are normal, but assignments have repeatedly exceeded their value. We got into a conflict with the road companies without being a party to the dispute, the minister added. He defined yesterday's meeting with representatives of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Chamber of Industry "Roads" as constructive. We agreed to find a way to pay the money due for the started construction of Hemus AM, so that Sections 1, 2 and 3 lots will be completed on time. This also applies to the Vidin-Botevgrad expressway, said arch. Shishkov.

The minister recalled that advances were given for sections 7, 8 and 9, but there was no approved route, and for the fourth, fifth and sixth there was a route, the PUP was approved and the expropriation procedures were carried out.

We will hold a public discussion of changes in the ZUT, with which the illegal construction of infrastructural facilities will be declared tolerable, announced the acting minister. "We will introduce them as soon as the next National Assembly takes office," he was emphatic. Without such a legislative initiative, the construction of the 4th and 5th sections of the "Hemus" highway cannot continue.

Minister Shishkov also commented on the subject of winter maintenance. By August 15, I have asked the employees of the API and the department in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, engaged in public procurement, to announce those for winter cleaning on shortened terms. At the meeting yesterday with the road industry, it became clear that they have claims for larger advances due to inflation. If they feel insecure in their relationship with the state, this will bring them security. We will come to an agreement in this direction, the regional minister added.

Talks are being held with the official Minister of Environment and Water Regarding the case with AM "Struma" in the section through the Kresna gorge and the suspended EIA procedures. A general decision is expected, the regional minister announced. There is a ready project to strengthen a landslide before the highway viaduct. Without it, the section cannot be put into operation. The project is expected to be submitted to the Ministry of Planning and Development, but its preparation has been delayed, he pointed out.

I asked for a report on the formation of the price of water for the Burgas region, because the increase there is shocking. An inspection is also pending at "Bulgarian Water and Sewerage Holding" EAD, Minister Shishkov said.



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