Six energy questions, Mr. Prime Minister!

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Source: Institute for Energy Management

Slavcho Neikov Source: Institute for Energy Management

Rulers continue to shy away from concrete answers on important topics for the energy sector. And it is not at all about hearing something about a strategic vision, which is frankly lacking, but about how citizens and businesses will live and work in the next few months. Fundamental and specific questions remain unanswered, the answers to which have practical significance for everyone's daily life.

It no longer matters what the BSP will decide as the mandate holder next Monday, when some plenum would discuss whether the third mandate will be returned - last night it became clear that we are going to elections very soon. And it is more than imperative that the government finally announces the scale of the energy mess in which, in my opinion, the rulers have placed the state and all citizens.

In this regard, I take the liberty of asking six questions to our outgoing Prime Minister – although there could be many more.

First - What is his assessment of the actual state of the energy sector and what are the main policy and operational issues that have been resolved under his mandate?

The government has its important achievements from December last year until now related to energy - such as introducing compensatory mechanisms in relation to high energy and fuel prices, speeding up the gas connection with Greece, finalizing the Recovery and Resilience Plan, trying to revive the Consultative council on the Green Deal, etc. Some of them are not perceived unambiguously, but there are real achievements and they should be clearly stated.

Still, it would be nice to have more specific answers on a few topics like e.g. whether the operation of gas-dependent businesses was guaranteed; four times cheaper gas was provided; has fuel become cheaper?

And one major question in the area of ​​the hot gas topic - will the government finally say something concrete about how much gas is provided, for when and at what price? For me, even the worst truth is better than silence, because both citizens and businesses will at least be aware of where they stand and what they have to take care of themselves after the state is gone.

Second - Was the issue of energy poverty resolved, which is repeatedly raised by the European Commission, the non-governmental sector and people like me?

And did the rulers even understand that the topic of energy poverty (not only in our country) is not an abstraction for a long time and that the role of the state in limiting it is huge?

Third - What lies ahead from the point of view that, as a result of unconstitutional actions, the ruling majority not only left EWRC without a chairman, but practically left the state without the most important energy institution at a particularly critical moment for energy?

Please explain how until the election of a new chairman of EWRC, which will probably take place in no less than three to four months, the approximately 50 (fifty) powers of the institution, which by law cannot function at all, will be implemented in the legislation without a chairman? To remind that this is not only about pricing, but about overall control over the energy sector in all its aspects, about the development of the business environment, about the performance of functions of European significance, etc.

Fourth - what did you actually achieve in the field of the Green Deal, apart from the adoption of a decree of the Council of Ministers to resume the work of the so-called advisory board, which, by the way, under the current approach to its implementation, has no chance of being workable?

Why didn't you explain to the people - especially in the coal regions - what exactly was coming and when, and instead the government institutions were silent on the subject?

And what happened to the territorial plans for a just transition - within this government we heard promises several times that they would be presented, the first promise being for January this year? And they are not there yet, regardless of the fact that they are also connected with serious European funding?

Fifth - And how, in connection with the topic of the Green Deal and the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, did you guarantee the use of the huge European funds intended for our country? And is there a danger of losing them due to non-fulfillment of European requirements that state institutions must fulfill?

And my last question - why do ordinary citizens like me have to ask you explicitly about such questions, instead of you and the ruling majority constantly giving specific answers without the power being asked for it?



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