Expert: It is too much to call the government's measures anti-crisis

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Source: BNT, archive

"The government's measures are to some extent compensatory measures. It is too much to call them anti-crisis and anti-inflationary." MRF MP and former Finance Minister Petar Chobanov told BNR: "A change is needed in terms of the configuration of power, in which there is no homogeneity of ideas, views. This applies not only to ideas, but also to a number of their actions.

The most important thing that is missing is dialogue and the search for some kind of consensus on how to move forward in a situation where we are both on the brink of a global food crisis and an energy crisis, that is, we really need to find ways to help more targeted and focused. The main problem with the measures is the lack of focus on vulnerable groups. "

The former finance minister also commented on the anti-crisis measure taken by the government to have 0% VAT on bread:

"The problem is that in order to produce bread, there is flour in it, there is water, there is energy. On all these means, these factors of production, VAT has already been paid, but this VAT, if we have a normal 20 percent rate, as it is now, the common rate, so VAT producers are entitled to a tax credit, that is, to deduct the VAT they paid for all these factors, now they will not pay VAT, the question is what happens to this tax credit There will be no 20% VAT on the final price, but the state must refund the VAT that they have already spent so far, which they expect to be refunded at the current conditions, ie whether the state will constantly return this VAT to them, under what conditions it will return it to them, in what period, in what terms it will return it, these are unanswered questions ".

The MRF MP noted that in order to have audibility, to have a dialogue and to have a constructive relationship between the parties in parliament, there must be new elections, no matter how difficult the situation.



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