Stanislav Todorov: Bobov Dol and Brickel are private. Their destiny is in their hands!

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The Bobov Dol and Brickel coal-fired power plants are private companies that sell their electricity on the open market. Their destiny is entirely in their hands! ” This was commented by the Chairman of the EWRC Stanislav Todorov after the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy. He was asked about the statement of the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev how the two plants are to be closed. Todorov clarified that TPP Bobov Dol and TPP Brickel do not sell electricity for the regulated market at the moment.

The EWRC Chairman did not want to comment on the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev. "What I can comment on is that in order to have a free and equal market for all participants - all participants must meet the same requirements," Todorov told journalist Iliana Benovska.

Todorov reminded that the Electricity System Operator takes care of the supply of electricity to our country. However, part of the energy system are the two coal-fired power plants, which also perform social functions in the areas where they operate.

Recently, the executive director of TPP "Bobov Dol" Eng. Lyubomir Spasov explained that if the plant is shut down, one of the worst options that could happen is Sofia to become a disco - with power outages. He drew attention to the projects that are being implemented in order to decarbonise production. Spasov was adamant that the plant is the most advanced in implementing green projects.

"Whether we comply with the law, environmental and any other… There are institutions that constantly check us. There are cases when there are indeed some violations, but these violations then lead to sanctions, but in 90% of cases there are no violations, "explained to bTV Eng. Spasov.

"Maybe the idea is different, not that some power in the country should be stopped. It will do a lot of damage to the power system if it is shut down, "he said. In this regard, he explained that "there are four large base plants in the four corners of the country that maintain the security and integrity of the energy system." These are Kozloduy NPP, Varna TPP, Bobov Dol TPP and the plants in the Maritsa East complex. When one of these capacities is missing, "you remember that there is no way for a structure that is on 4 legs to suddenly remain stable and strong without one of the legs," said Lyubomir Spasov.

In addition, he specified that together with the supplier company, 1,200 people work at Bobov Dol TPP.

The executive director of the headquarters also explained that a meeting with the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev was requested several times, but there was no answer.

According to him, TPP "Bobov Dol" is the fastest growing plant and is first in the process of implementing green projects. "We already have a ready project that is in the process of applying for a building permit for a 100 MW photovoltaic fleet, we also have a ready project for building a new gas connection, which is also in the process of asking for a building permit. We have a project that is in the conceptual phase for the construction of steam and gas turbines on the site of the plant and it is at a very advanced stage at the moment, "said Spasov, adding that the conceptual design is practically ready, and certain details are specified in the working.

Regarding the Brickel TPP near Galabovo, it is important to know that the plant is of strategic importance not only for the region but also for a large part of Bulgaria. Because it is the company that supplies enriched coal to the thermal power plants in Sliven, Ruse, Pernik and TPP "Bobov Dol". "In the winter, a combination of severe cold, lack of wind and sun and freezing of water sources, there was an extreme shortage of electricity, which caused a shock rise in prices. This winter, "bad" coal-fired district heating saved Europe from electricity! ", Brickel TPP said.

The plant itself provides cheap heat for 2,000 households in Galabovo and free heat for social and municipal buildings in the city. The company is also among the major consumers of coal from the Maritsa East Mines, and in the event of its closure the state will suffer additional losses. Lost jobs will also affect both the local community and state social systems. Brickel EAD is directly connected with over 6,000 jobs in 5 Bulgarian districts!", the experts remind.



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