Greece is ready to buy electricity from a new nuclear power plant in Bulgaria for 20 years, we will speed up construction

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"We have started negotiations with our Greek colleagues to build a new nuclear power plant in our country." This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev on "Focus".

He explained that the Greek side is ready to sign a contract for the purchase of electricity from the new nuclear power plant for the next 20 years. This will give a strong impetus to the construction of the new nuclear power plant. "We will act extremely quickly, given that we also have a buyer for this electricity," said the finance minister.

According to Vassilev, Russia will probably react against the European Union as a whole, and not specifically against Bulgaria.

He said an attack on Ukraine was not unexpected in the light of recent events, and Bulgaria has begun preparing for it. According to Vassilev, Russia will react against the European Union as a whole, and not specifically against our country. "The answer will probably be to cut off gas supplies," he said.

He was adamant that Bulgaria would help Ukraine as a fraternal state. "There is a list of requests from the Ukrainian side, which are currently being analyzed. We have already answered that we can help some of them. I cannot give details about the military-logistical support mentioned by Prime Minister Petkov, because military action is currently underway." , said Asen Vassilev.

"What is happening in Ukraine at the moment is not a film. It is not something that does not affect us. It is an attack by one country that declares war on another country without any provocation. The EU, NATO and Bulgaria we are doing everything possible to help ", the Deputy Prime Minister was categorical.



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