BEH: The relocation of the headquarters of "Mini Maritsa-East" in Sofia aims at higher efficiency in management

The holding accuses the new CEO of the company of not complying with his decisions and not complying with the law

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Source: Mini Maritsa East

The need to change the registered office and the address of management of Mini Maritza-East EAD is dictated by the need to take and carry out timely legal acts and factual actions of an administrative nature. This decision in no way affects the operational independence and activities of the company, including its employees. It should be borne in mind that the seat and address of management of the principal of the company is in Sofia. This circumstance could lead to easier communication between companies and higher efficiency in the process of coordinating the actions of management teams.

This is stated in the position of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) in connection with incorrect information published in the media regarding the relocation of the headquarters of Mini Maritsa East from Radnevo to Sofia.

In its position, BEH also criticizes the current executive director of "Mini Maritsa-East" because it has not yet started moving the plant to Sofia. "Regardless of the decision taken by the Board of Directors of BEH, so far the necessary mandatory actions have not been performed by the Executive Director Mr. Todor Todorov. It is this inaction on his part that leads to a reasonable and logical conclusion that the latter does not want to comply with Bulgarian law and implement the decisions of the competent authority, "said BEH in its position.

The problems between the Holding and Todorov have been going on for weeks. Although he won a competition, his appointment to the post of his retired predecessor, Andon Andonov, was delayed. Todorov's entry as a member of the Board of Directors of Mini Maritsa East in the Commercial Register eventually took place on January 11th. Two days later, a new application for the appointment of Ilza Chinkova was submitted. However, this was appealed to the court, and on Monday, January 17, the Stara Zagora District Court rejected the request and left Todor Todorov in office.



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