The first task of "We continue the change" will be to control electricity prices

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The first task of "We continue the change" will be to impose control over electricity prices, said the leader of "We continue the change" Kiril Petkov in the program "EuroDicoF" on Eurocom TV. According to him, this is necessary due to the expected increase in prices for household consumers from the beginning of January next year.

In the program, he also commented on the behavior of the MRF party. Their behavior is inexplicable to me. They put the man - a symbol of corruption in Bulgaria, in the front row of parliament! This way they shoot themselves in the leg every day! How do they talk about NATO, about Euro-Atlantic values ​​after CCB, Magnitsky and Pandora? What kind of dependence is this?! "- with these rhetorical questions Kiril Petkov commented on the MRF MP Delyan Peevski. He reminded that today in the Parliament MRF supported the candidacy of Nikola Minchev for Speaker of the National Assembly." We offer a quality and uncorrupt person. To support him whoever he wants. It will be so in the future. We will offer only such people ", Petkov was categorical.

Petkov and Nikola Minchev became friends during the rescue operation at the Coral campsite. Minchev hired to write the pro bono lawsuit that saved the campsite. The PP decided to nominate Minchev as head of the parliament yesterday. Earlier today, Minchev said he did not remember when he was offered. "We apply the principle of '4 eyes'. It's about me and Assen approving someone. Only if we both like someone, then we raise them," Petkov said.

He and Asen Vassilev will propose that Boyko Rashkov remain interior minister. Petkov denied that Cornelia Ninova would be interior minister, but it was not clear. Petkov reiterated that the law on KPKONPI must be changed and KPKONPI must have investigative functions. "Chief Prosecutor Geshev must be removed, people in the squares told me," Petkov said. At the moment, the PP's lawyers are thinking about how to make this happen, because the future coalition does not have a constitutional majority to make big changes. For now, they plan to inspect the SJC Inspectorate, which elected Geshev two years ago, Petkov said.

He also explained that they plan to make a strong information campaign about vaccines. To involve the best oncologists, cardiologists, virologists to explain what it is about. Petkov said they would hold seminars on jeeps. And he also plans to address the fears of anti-vaccines, "who are not bad people, but are scared and have had access to bad information."



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