European Greens will increase the pressure on head of states for EU Climate Low

The decision in the European Council is foreseen for the 11th of December

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European Greens will increase the pressure on national governments and mainly head of states are discussing the Party Leaders on Meeting on EU Climate Law, which took place last Monday evening, 26 October. The decision in the European Council is foreseen for the 11th  of December.

It was a much-needed discussion on where we are with the EU Climate Law, what are the next steps and what action each party can take at national and European level, announced Mar Garcia, Secretary General in a message to the media on 30th of October.

The European Climate Law is an important Green Success! It is a result of the European Elections, so it is a result of the Green Wave.

What are the steps forward:

Current Status of Negotiations at the Council Level: Within the ENVI Council there is a qualified majority for a target of at least 55% CO2 reduction until 2030. At the same time the European Council is aiming for unanimity as a result of the pressure coming mainly from the V4.

European wide Action Day is planned for the 10th of November

The Leaders need to stand ready to counter the arising narrative of either economic recovery OR countering the climate crisis. Through a green transition, we reach economic recovery AND counter the climate crisis.

In his presentation EGP Committee Member Oras Tynkkynen marked the original dates of planning an online hub for discussion, networking and learning. Invited are member parties and Greens from around the world, as well as NGO partners, to join for three days of panel discussions and online networking. Three Friday panels followed by online space for networking and discussion

Nov 20th: Green Priorities & Expectations (kick-off)

Nov 27th: The Struggle for Climate Equality (climate finance, climate migration, MAPA)

Dec 11th: Five Years After Paris (where we are & want to be, Youth focus)

But first is needed coordinated action with member parties to project a message in capitals across Europe calling for an ambitious European Climate Law. This is planned for Tuesday, November 10th.

What’s inside the Climate Law

climate neutrality by 2050, 60% greenhouse gas emission

reduction by 2030; ending government subsidies to fossil fuels by 2025; there is a greenhouse

gas emission budget inside, which is how much greenhouse gases we can emit to reach the

climate goals; promise for the EU and every member state individually to become climate

neutral - here we have opposition from the Council; right to healthy climate to be defined as a

human right; and establishing a scientific advisory council made out of scientists to advise EU

level decision making.

On 23rd October Environmental Ministers met in the Council, they discussed it, but the key

decision will be made in the European Council on 11th December. Now the EP needs to start

negotiations with member states - so the discussion needs to be public in member states in

order for local pressure to be put on governments. They should support the 60% reduction,

the member state level climate neutrality and ending subsidies to fossil fuels. We will have a

common action day where we will need your cooperation.



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