Minister Komitova: Through additional assignments, RIA has awarded orders without being able to provide them financially

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Through additional assignments, RIA has assigned additional repair works worth about BGN 2.9 billion with a budget of BGN 382 million. That is, the agency could not provide them. This was stated by the caretaker Minister of Regional Development and Public Works arch. Violeta Komitova in the Saturday morning block of Nova TV.

"With a budget of BGN 382 million, through additional assignments, RIA assigns additional repair works for BGN 2.9 billion, which are divided into two calendar years. The question arises why in an area where we need a lot of ongoing road repairs, why do we outsource so many activities without funding. There is a paradox at Hemus Motorway - there is no front for construction under Lot 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, but we have given the funds in advance. And in the current repairs is the opposite - there is a front for construction, but no money. This way of governing is the biggest paradox. "With the money from Hemus, we could have secured money for the current repairs," said the regional minister.

According to her, all companies dealing with current repairs have won the contracts through a public tender. "All companies engaged in current repairs have won their contracts through public procurement. The company" X "has a contract, for example, for Plovdiv region for 5 years of road maintenance for BGN 20 million and at the same time receives some flying leaflets, which are called assignments, orders for another BGN 200 million ", she said, adding that these additional funds are not allowed under the public procurement contract.

"Activities were assigned that could not be financially secured. The company has a contract, for example for BGN 20 million, to maintain the roads of Plovdiv for five years. At the same time, he received additional assignments on flying sheets for another BGN 200 million for additional repairs. But these funds are not allowed under the public procurement contract, "Komitova said. She added: "The answer to the question why this was done should be given by the former heads of RIA and the regional ministry."

"Space observation of potholes in Bulgaria is not a joke. This is a project for which a contract is approved twice. I interrupted it for the second time this order. The company claims that it has special rights to intercept the signal from the satellites that fly over our country and through special technology monitors the condition of the roads. Then, the suggestion was to inform us where there are defects. The public procurement is worth BGN 8 million. I don't think there is a need for such a thing. The regional ministry receives daily signals from citizens and the media and we can do this monitoring completely free of charge, "explained earlier in the conversation the Minister of Regional Development, architect Violeta Komitova.

The regional minister also commented on the accusation of the former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov that the finance minister "took money from the construction of the Hemus Motorway and wrote it as a surplus". According to her, there was money in the RIA, which was provided for the targeted construction of the highway. "During the caretaker government, the budget was transformed to provide funds for pensioners on a monthly basis, as it was unacceptable to stop these allowances. Money also had to be provided for first-line medics. It was not possible to update the budget due to the lack of the National Assembly, free funds were sought, which are currently not needed for their intended purpose to solve other social problems. Such is the case with the money intended for the Hemus Motorway. As you already know, there is 70 percent of the money given in advance, and construction is completed - about 13 percent. That is, it can be built without this money, as the funds have already been given in advance.



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