Plamen Nikolov, prime minister, "There is such a people", Rumen Radev, mandate

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Plamen Hikalov, a member of the "There is such an advance" and a doctor of philosophy, law, politics and economics, is the candidate-prime minister of the party. He joined together with the other members of the formation of Slavi Tpifonov under the President Rumen Radev to run for the first incumbent term.

"As a result of the July 11 elections, you have the responsibility to get the first investigative mandate. People voted for you with the expectation of consolidating the front of change against the failed corruption model of power," the president said.

According to him, the Bulgarians are waiting for the proposals for a cabinet within the term under the Constitution, because urgent problems are accumulating. The President wished success to Nikolov. It is a great honor and responsibility for me to be here to receive this mandate from you, he replied. Nikolov said he would do everything possible to meet the legal deadlines.

Who is Plamen Nikolov?

The ITN MP and candidate for Prime Minister is a Doctor of Philosophy of Law, Politics and Economics, one of the leading experts of "There is such an attack" in the "Obzava" section. Bodach is on the list of ITH in Shymen, a candidate for a new representative and in 23 MIP Sofia. He also completed his training at the Wise Academy Academy in San Francisco, USA. He has over 20 years of experience in business development and project management, a long-term manager, a manager with proven business achievements. He has worked with large clients such as Amazon, Wiggle, Intecport, Spotona, EMAG, the Main Federations, and the Olympic National Committees.



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