The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works is developing special financial mechanisms for the participation of the owners in the rehabilitation program

Minister Komitova discussed the Program for energy renovation of homes with branch and consulting organizations

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The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Violeta Komitova met with representatives of associations, branch and consulting organizations working in the field of housing and energy renovation. It discussed the refinement and improvement of the Program for energy renovation of the housing stock, which is part of the National Plan for Reconstruction and Sustainability.

During the conversation, they discussed the possibilities of the investment set for energy renovation of homes to become a real tool for recovery and economic growth through the implementation of the Program. The expansion of the range of residential buildings that can access financial resources from it was also commented.

The need to develop specialized financial mechanisms to support owners to participate in the Program and maintain public support for vulnerable households was discussed, as well as the objectives of the future Program to meet the adopted Long-Term Strategy for Renovation of the building stock.



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