The Ministry of Energy will appeal the court's decision to appoint a new board of directors of BEH

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The Ministry of Energy will appeal the decision of the Sofia City Court to cancel the entry of the new board of directors of the Bulgarian Energy Holding. "It was a strange court ruling that came out at the last minute. The changes are fine, the lawyers of the Ministry of Energy have made an analysis of this definition and the ministry will appeal this statement. I believe that the court will judge fairly. " This was explained to BNT by the resigned Minister of Energy Temenujka Petkova. We remind you that information about the decision of the Court was given by the MP Vladislav Panev from "Democratic Bulgaria" through his Facebook account. "The court stopped the registration on the board of Bulgarian Energy Holding after a complaint was filed for defamation of the competition, which Temenuzhka Petkova defended with such pathos yesterday. "They are trying to appoint the former PR of BEH Tsarnorechki. Schemes without end. They have little left and make mistakes, there is no way." Panev commented on the social network.

The invasion of Bulgartransgaz is a very bad sign. This is how the employees of the company are stressed, said Minister Petkova in connection with the invasion of Maya Manolova in Bulgartrangaz. According to the resigned minister, this is also the beginning of Ms. Manolova's election campaign.

"We have no worries about this so-called inspection. Let them check, they are welcome. A huge part of the information they want is public. It is on the website of the Public Procurement Agency and on the website of Bulgartransgaz. "We do not refuse and will provide all the necessary information. We will provide it in a way that on the one hand does not endanger the employees who work at Bulgartrangaz. They are responsible for this documentation. They are also very worried." added Minister Petkova.

She explained that the events took place on the territory of the gas operator, which is part of the country's strategic energy infrastructure. "The entry regime there is much more specific and different. In any case, Ms. Manolova had invaded there under the pretext that she was not provided with the documents that this Temporary Commission, which she heads, had requested. Something that, of course, she definitely does not answer the truth. There is no such refusal to provide her with documents. Everything she wants will be provided to her, but there is a procedure by which these documents can be provided. "Temenuzhka Petkova added.

Temenuzhka Petkova described as worrying the way in which Maya Manolova wants 800,000 pages of documents to be provided to her. "It wants them to be only on electronic media. There is an order in which such documents are provided accordingly. They are provided to be legal in nature with an official letter from the company, certified true to the original. The other concern is that after these documents will be on electronic media, for what purpose they will be used. We heard that external experts are intended to be involved in this commission. Who are these external experts? Can they handle such information? " Minister Temenuzhka asked Petkova.

The resigned Minister pointed out that it is not clear on what principle the MPs accompanying Maya Manolova in her yesterday's action were elected. "In any case, I dare to say that this invasion is a very bad sign. It was a demonstration of strength, an attempt to instill some fear and stress in the company's employees and in all the people who work in both the administration and the commercial department. "It was a bad and unpleasant sign." she said.

Minister Petkova explained that she did not feel offended by the fact that she was not invited to be a minister again in GERB's draft government, which did not take place.



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